Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Manual Lymphatic Drainage

All about stimulating lymph flow to help reduce swelling and bloating by removing excess fluid.

A very gentle rhythmical massage technique to move lymphatic fluid around the body working only on the connective tissues immediately below the skin moving lymph to drain from a congested region into an area that drains normally by increasing activity of normal lymph and bypassing lymph vessels that are damaged or ineffective.

It is a treatment that will improve your circulation, reduce pain and discomfort in affected area, promote healing after surgery or injury and assist with scar tissue healing.

Each treatment requires a detailed health history to be completed as this treatment is not suitable for everyone. At each treatment a thorough assessment is completed including blood pressure, skin inspection as well as pre and post treatment measurements of affected region/limb. The duration and frequency of treatments is then matched to each individual’s condition, where we also work out a management plan to align this to personal goals, these may include self-massage, diaphragmatic breathing and physical activity.

This treatment is effective for soft tissue trauma injury (like muscle or ligament sprains, strains or tears), post-surgery oedema (swelling); primary or secondary lymphoedema, fluid build-up post radiotherapy or chemotherapy treatment, lipoedema or easing palliative care discomfort.

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