Laser therapy

Laser therapy

Low level laser therapy also referred to as photobiomodulation naturally jumpstarts the process of tissue repair and other forms of rejuvenation along with reducing inflammation

The effect of low level laser is photochemical, with no heat, similar to photosynthesis in plants. Low level laser therapy (LLLT) triggers chemical changes inside cells to increase cellular energy and reduces oxidative stress which improves tissue repair and reduces inflammation.

Some of the benefits for using LLLT include improving the speed and quality of skin, muscle, tendon, bone and nerve regeneration, decreasing inflammation to assist the body’s natural healing capacity, improving lymph node drainage and reduction of swelling and analgesia with effects similar to a neural blockade easing chronic pain.

For any acute injury we recommend you start as soon as possible after diagnosis and receive treatment daily for 3 days, then twice a week for three weeks, followed by weekly for three weeks or in response to symptoms. Whilst for chronic conditions, the developed treatment protocols recommend twice a week for a minimum of 6 weeks, then spaced out as symptoms ease. The LLLT component of treatments takes approximately 15-20 minutes.

“Low level laser therapy is most effective with multiple sessions.”

This modality successfully treats • Acute or chronic tendinopathies • Sprains and strains • Neck and back pain • Osteoarthritis • Post-operative pain • Wound healing • Neuropathic pain.

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